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Do you have information? PLEASE call the Plainfield, IL Police Department at 815-267-7217


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Message From Lisa’s Parents and Sisters

Lisa Stebic’s sister, Jamie Bouma, shared this letter with the Naperville Sun on 9/2/07.

“Lisa’s Life Is A Precious Gift”

Lisa’s family has found it so difficult to put into words the love we have for her. She has been missing since April 30, 2007, and we realize even more how truly precious life is.

This highly publicized investigation has been given prompt attention by very special and dedicated volunteers, the Plainfield Police Department and her family and friends. We gratefully admire, appreciate and thank all those who have given their time and effort to find Lisa and bring her home.

Our family has been given support and strength through the tireless efforts of all those who know and love Lisa as well as those people around the world who have never met Lisa, but have been touched by her story and feel compelled to help through donations, videos, songs, and insightful prayers and messages.

Lisa’s first word was “Light.” She is an amazing, loving person who always “brightens” our lives. Without her presence we have been lost in darkness.

As we approach the fourth month of Lisa Stebic there are so many feelings for our family to attempt to understand. Knowing that Lisa’s presence is missing holds sadness, fear, grief, emptiness and an immense hole in our lives. We desperately miss Lisa’s ever-present smile, but that beautiful image holds us strong through these days and nights of utter pain.

What we need to always remember is the pure joy that Lisa carries throughout her life. We know that she is an incredibly strong, honest, thoughtful, loving, caring sweet person who enjoys all that life brings her – even in the most challenging times. She is an exceptional mother and a positive influence to her children.

When Lisa thought of what she desired in life, she knew that health, family, close friends and good times were of utmost importance to her.

No matter the length of time that passes, only the best memories of Lisa … we hold so close in our hearts. Just as Lisa has everlasting love for us – her family – we hold strong to the love within our hearts for her.

With All Of Our Love and Gratitude

Lisa’s Parents, Sisters, and Brother-in-Law

Read at the Birthday Candlelight Vigil for Lisa Stebic on May 19th

Our Thoughts on Lisa

Lisa makes an ordinary moment into a special memory. Her positive attitude and energy reminds us to enjoy all that life has to offer…an inspiration to all. A truly devoted woman who sacrifices herself to make sure her children are cared for and happy.

Lisa’s main energy is focused on her children- her words of encouragement and support no matter what, make this her utmost priority. Even at work Lisa takes children under her wing, always mothering, always wanting to make them safe and loved.

There are children at her school that don’t want to eat there and are choosing to go home to have lunch, because they miss her so much and are so sad.

One little child tends to forget his punch card and Lisa takes special care to get him his lunch. She always remembers that he likes extra cheese as well.

Lisa never forgets about anyone- she takes pride in all she does. She has an incredible attention to detail and is dedicated to every task. Her enjoyment comes from how much pleasure and happiness she gives to others. Her heart is so big and full of love…a positive influence on all of our lives. Lisa’s face lights up a room- she is a person can be so funny that people around her laugh nonstop. Her own laughter is incredibly contagious.As a child, her love of nature became apparent from the early age of two. From puppies to frogs, turtles to chameleons she was eager to watch, play and nurture them. Her excitement over little things brought delight to her entire family.From a teenager on, she took pride and pleasure in creating culinary dishes to surprise her family. We know she specially created these dishes which are rich with love.

Lisa’s tireless and unselfish ways are even more apparent today. Her love of giving is obvious to family and friends, but now it is realized by so many more people today who have been touched by her.

In spite of adversity, Lisa meets challenges head on and prevails. Her stamina is incredible, she is vibrant, enthusiastic, compassionate, concerned, kind and caring. Her thoughtfulness and strength is amazing. She is a remarkable person who demonstrates true success- not by material possessions because that is not what is important to her- but her success is how she lives her life. All who know her are aware of how wonderful she is. Lisa is touching so many thousands of lives as demonstrated now, by all of their assistance in helping to bring her home.

This Saturday, May 19th, is Lisa’s 38th birthday. Let us honor the beauty of her, the dreams in her heart and the pure joy she brings to this world. We shall celebrate everything that is unique and wonderful about Lisa. Pray for her safe return and let her know through your thoughts and prayers just how much she is missed and loved.

Lisa’s Parents and Sisters

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